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Raimond II Tensegrity


The Raimond Tensegrity is a floor lamp made from elegant metal, complemented with the sturdy earthiness of wood.   

Tensegrity is a term that was first described by Buckminster Fuller as an architectural term. It refers to the interconnected wooden structure that uses tension and pressure to keep its shape. The beauty of the Raimond Tensegrity lies not only in its contrasting materials, but also in the trigonometric harmony of both structures. Mathematical perfection times two.

Raimond II Tensegrity is available in 2 models.
Raimond Puts never saw his final design. But, together with Raimond’s wife, artist & designer Tis Ernst, Moooi completed the Raimond Tensegrity.
The Raimond family results from mathematical perfection and years of patience and dedication.