Shipping & Delivery Policy


IN CONSIDERATION OF THE COVENANTS and agreements contained in this policy the parties to this policy agree as follows:







  • Please make sure you are home and your doorways will have space for your new furniture and/or accessories.


  • Please note that a restocking fee and/or delivery fee might apply if the merchandise doesn’t fit into the home and delivery is unsuccessful.


  • We are going to uncrate or unpack your new article of furniture that you have purchased (with exception of being able to assemble products) and we will set it in place.

All deliveries within the GTA will be handled by our logistics partner Bolt (Formerly known as Second Closet).



  • The Warehouse Team will fulfill any orders same-day that are placed before 1 pm on a business day. Orders placed after 1 pm will be fulfilled the next business day.




A white glove delivery service is an efficient means of sending or receiving large, valuable, and fragile packages that require more attention than regular parcels, such as those requiring special handling. We have highly trained and equipped white glove delivery experts on hand that can install and assemble your product on-site if needed using specialized equipment.


Protective Packaging: In addition to using premium packing materials like wooden crates, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, movers wraps, bubble wrap, glass masks, cardboard, and more, White glove delivery services adhere to high standards when protecting your packages against damage. Additionally, your shipment will be protected from movement, and moisture will be avoided during transportation


Inspections: A few services offer pre-and post-site inspections before assembling the delivered product, to make sure that the configuration is adequate during setup.


Peace of Mind: A white glove delivery service gives you peace of mind that your expensive and valuable products will be secured from damage or theft, as well as handling all the logistics of the delivery so you can spend your time elsewhere.


Delicate Handling: All packaging, shipping, delivery, and setup processes are handled with the highest level of care. Our drivers and packagers are trained to handle your product's unique needs and take into consideration any special considerations.


Safe, Clean Transportation: White glove delivery service companies employ trained professionals who operate clean, safe shipping vehicles.


Reliable Service: Missing, delayed, or lost shipments are no longer a concern with white glove delivery. Professionally trained personnel will handle your shipment and continuously update you on its progress, so you'll know when your shipment will arrive as well as where it is always.


Product Assembly or Dismantle: As part of the assembly or dismantle service, professional delivery professionals will transport your shipment to the desired location, unload it, and then assemble and dismantle your new product. They will also remove your old product.


Attentive Service: White glove delivery service professionals ensure that your shipment arrives safely and quickly for every delivery. A white glove delivery provider is typically available to answer any questions throughout the shipping process, as well as follow up afterward.


Better Customer Service: A white glove delivery service puts customers first. Guaranteed deliveries and a single point of contact remove the guesswork and provide a hassle-free experience.


A Lower Chance of Damage: To ensure the integrity of your shipment, white glove delivery utilizes temperature control technology and packaging materials.


Environmental Consciousness: Scheduled deliveries, compared to traditional shipment methods, can be better for the environment than multiple delivery attempts for a single product.


  • Delivery charges are applied based on the client’s region within our Delivery Zone Map; delivery charges are slightly higher when selecting white glove service. The price breaks down as follows:

Regular Delivery:

  • Zone 1 – $145
  • Zone 2 – $180
  • Zone 3 – $261
  • Zone 4 – $348

White Glove Service Delivery:

  • Zone 1 – $180
  • Zone 2 – $230
  • Zone 3 – $360
  • Zone 4 – $450



  • To be prepared and satisfied with the delivery, please review the subsequent delivery policies.


  • We are going to commit to having our third-party delivery services contact you by email or phone before delivery to confirm your delivery.


  • Deliveries begin at 8:00 am and continue till all scheduled deliveries for that day are complete. Regrettably, thanks to the many deliveries that must be routed, it's not possible to provide precise time calls.


  • For online orders, associates who purchase with a credit card will be required to provide a signature and photo ID of the cardholder during delivery and could also be needed before the delivery.


  • A signature of an individual eighteen years aged or older is required on all delivery orders which individual should accompany the delivery crew into your home or apartment.


  • Rooms need to be cleared in preparation for your article of furniture delivery. In addition, driveways and walkways should be cleared to simply accept delivery (For Example. take away snow and ice). Please take care so that there's a clear path from the point of entry to your home to the area wherever your new article of furniture is going to be placed. Due to liability, we & delivery personnel cannot move your existing furniture or any electronics, TVs, or computers.


  • Thanks to health and safety regulations, our drivers cannot take off their safety work boots during deliveries. Please guarantee your floors are properly protected.


  • Please make sure you are home and your doorways will have space for your new furniture, appliance or TV. Please note that a restocking fee and/or delivery fee might apply if the merchandise doesn't fit into the home and delivery is unsuccessful.


  • We are going to uncrate or unpack your new article of furniture that you have purchased (with the exception of being able to assemble products) and that we will set it in place. Thanks to health regulations, bedraggled or stained upholstery or bedding can't be moved by our skilled delivery associates.


  • For deliveries, we have the service option to unpack and move your new purchase into place, except for insurance reasons our drivers cannot connect it to electrical, plumbing or gas outlets. For installation services, contact the client service department of the m-PROVE store nearest you to request an installation service; these services have their separate delivery fees. If you would like an existing appliance moved to your curb, for safety reasons, the items should be disconnected and/or drained. Recent appliances are going to be moved to your curb on a 1 for 1 basis given that they're moderately clean and if it's safe to try to do so. An item relinquishing contract must even be signed if you request for this type of service during delivery.


  • Larger size televisions can be unpackaged and set in place. However, we are going to not mount or connect any electronics. A restocking fee might apply if unpacked televisions don't match through doorways or into basements. Please live the unit and your premises before delivery.



m-PROVE offers convenient pickup at most of our showroom locations. After you have purchased your furniture, pick-up hours and directions are going to be emailed to you along with your order confirmation. To make sure easy pick-up of your furniture, please review the subsequent pick-up policies:


  • For orders placed online, you will be required to bring your written email confirmation, image I.D, and also the credit card you had placed your order with.


  • NOTE: Purchaser’s credit card and cardholder’s signature are going to be required during pickup.


  • Merchandise that's picked up could also be in boxes or crates and need assembly. Due to the character of an article of furniture shipped in cartons, we are unable to take away cartons or assemble products for you at the distribution center.


  • Please make sure that the dimensions of your vehicle can accommodate the size of the furniture to be picked up. We aren’t responsible and aren't chargeable for loading and tie-down of merchandise or the safe transportation of furniture to your home. An injury that happens throughout transit isn't protected by our warranty nor will we accept returns on the merchandise.


  • For damages on merchandise that was picked up, merely contact our service department within three days of receipt. Once possible, we are going to promptly repair or replace the broken item. If picked up, the item should be brought by you unless you had purchased a pickup service from m-PROVE.





  • Only accessories are eligible for refunds, returns, or exchanges. All sales of furniture and lighting are final. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges. However, if you discover damage, you have three days to report it. Simply contact our service department.
  • Return Delivery service is provided strictly by Bolt Logistics and any service fees are the responsibility of the consumer.
  • On special occasions where a refund has been authorized, please note the following: payments are going to be refunded by cash, cheque, credit, direct deposit, and or e-transfer. Refunds can take up to 7 business days. Payments will be refunded to the same account if the account credit and account holder are present. If the account holder isn't present, the account holder’s refund will be refunded by cheque. Refunds can take up to 10 business days.


  • Credit card payments will be refunded to the same credit card refund can take 5-7 business days.


  • All alternative payments are going to be refunded by cheque – Depending on the form of payment, a refund can take around 7-10 business days to process.


  • The restocking fee applies to all sales. The restocking fees can differ between Pickup or Delivery services depending on the type of shipping selected through our delivery partner Bolt; you may be subject up to a 30% restocking fee, as well as the responsibility of return shipping costs.


  • Items that require return delivery will have a fee applied to it during the refund/exchange process. All costs & fees associated with the return delivery are the responsibility of the consumer.


  • Delivery, Shipping & Restocking Fees are strictly non-refundable.





  • Covid-19 Safety standards for all deliveries and employees within the showroom have been implemented. Our team has been tested and their health has been screened correctly. We practice social distancing wherever we are required to. In addition, protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided for our team to be able to deliver exceptional service to the consumer. Regular cleaning and disinfecting are also done daily of the products & the showroom to ensure safety and consumer comfortability.