Core Values

Creative Freedom – Everything we achieve comes from our ability to think freely and liberally as it allows us to create and innovate with unlimited boundaries.

Translating Lifestyles into Art – At the heart of all of our work is our passion in translating every person's lifestyle into tangible art that is expressed and appreciated through their furniture.

Trendiness with variety – We always want to be at the top of the market when it comes to the topic of trendiness. We create our own new trends on a consistent basis, and at the same time we know how important it is to have a versatile collection that does not exclude anyone's taste and lifestyle.

Attention to detail – Our company works hard with extra meticulosity, focusing all our attention to every fabric, material, color, and all other design elements that makes furniture contemporary and unique.

How are we different?

We take pride in being selling a lifestyle, not just furniture - we approach furniture differently then how traditional companies & brands approach it. We think outside the box and how a specific item of furniture or collection can add value to a living space and an individual's lifestyle. In addition to being contemporary, we serve bring minimalistic, space saving, renewed models & trends that bring tailored home living solutions. We offer luxury products at affordable prices with a multitude of different designs, choices and options so our customers will feel there is always something in store for them.

We only partner with brands that have a similar vision and perception of furniture & lifestyle as us. Below are the brands we are currently partnered with at the moment:

  • moooi
  • Bonaldo
  • Wendelbo
  • Lifestyle Home Collection